City Beach 

Location: City Beach, Western Australia

Description:  5 bedroom, 4 bathroom + powder concrete masterpiece. 

Architect: Hillam Architects

This striking, luxury home, is a juxtaposition of family warmth and architectural design. By far the stand out feature on this build was the concrete curved façade.

To create the raw concrete shell we sourced Oregon timber boards direct from our south west. Each board was harvested and milled at different widths and depths to create an unorthodox pattern.

Once treated with a sealant the boards were assembled in a predetermined pattern along the front in a traditional formwork set up. Once formwork was completed concrete was poured and left for 24 hours at which point tension was released. 48 hours later the concrete was stripped of boards providing the raw texture finish.

This was by no means a standard construction method and required months of testing and collaboration between builder and concrete specialists. The result is outstanding and will be a standard hard to beat in Perth residential construction.

The unique, tri-level project is destined to become an icon of City Beach.

Designed by Hillam Architects